Afrocentric Parenting Classes

 Preparing our Children for Success

San Francisco Black Infant Health offers Afrocentric parenting classes in collaboration with community agencies. The class is approved by the Department of Human Services for meeting family reunification requirements. If you are interested in bringing Afrocentric parenting to your agency please send us a message or give us a call!

Afrocentric Family and Life Conference

Annually we offer a conference to support professionals and community members interested in improving their work with African American families. Past speakers have included, Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Joy Degruy, Dr. Wade Nobles, Dr. Monique Morris and many others.

African American Parents Pledge

I pledge to look at my child every day and visualize the adult that I want him/her to be.

I pledge to focus my thoughts and actions into supporting my child in becoming that adult.

I pledge to value myself and see my fulfillment of my parental duties as a sacred trust. 

I pledge to continue to improve and update my parenting skills. 

I pledge to get the support and help that I need to be an effective parent. 

I pledge to improve the condition and status of my people—
starting with my own home and family.






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